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Inside Jared Lorenzen's lifelong weight battle

This is a fantastic piece on former Kentucky quarterback, Jared Lorenzen. I know him best for playing in the “Bluegrass Miracle" game with LSU. More recently, though, he’s become known for his size via Twitter. This ESPN story from Tommy Tomlinson is great for two reasons: the first is the most obvious and that’s the production. Make sure you read it on a big screen so you can see the photographs and the scrolling graphics clearly. The second is how the writer relates to Lorenzen with his own struggles with weight. It adds an even more personal note to the story.

This is the first thing you see after popping in the Eraserhead blu-ray from Criterion. I like it.


This is the first thing you see after popping in the Eraserhead blu-ray from Criterion. I like it.


Bo knows.

One of my favorite live albums was just added to Spotify. It wouldn’t be a bad way to start listening to Ritter either.

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Thanks to an awesome visionary known only as the GIGABEETLE, we’re learning that, when he isn’t busy battling Kaiju, Godzilla has a very active social life. There’s cosplay and gaming and dancing and coloring and exercising and so much more.

For plenty more goofy Godzilla goodness follow GIGABEETLE right here on Tumblr at gigabeetle​ over on Twitter. You’re guaranteed many a good giggle.

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Every Frame a Painting on the way films depict text messaging and internet use. As always, a delight to watch.

Four months later, Florida won the national championship. And this is how Tebow became a messianic presence at Florida, and this is why, when he emerged into the NFL, with his inaccurate arm and his staunch beliefs and his virginal persona, people presumed 1) this shit couldn’t possibly be real, and 2) this kind of jingoistic absurdity might work in college, but it couldn’t possibly work in the NFL, because the NFL is the real world. And so when Tebow started to win games as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, and then won a playoff game, a raging anger built, and I think at least a small measure of this anger was based on the fact that the NFL is meant to be a reflection of the American workplace, a hard and unforgiving meritocracy that regresses toward the mean, and college football is a reflection of college, a place where we are marooned somewhere between childhood and the real world, a place where enthusiasm and emotion are very real parts of the game itself and are sometimes enough to overcome a flaw in one’s throwing mechanics. And Tim Tebow, who was a marginal NFL talent with a collegiate persona, fit into one paradigm and did not fit into the other.

"The Ballad of Reggie Bush" by Michael Weinreb, for Grantland.

I don’t think I’ve read many pieces that better describe the greatness of college football. It gave me goosebumps.

Watch and learn why humans are naturally bad at playing video games. I found it informative and well edited.